What is 301 Redirect?

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What-is-301-Redirect What is 301 Redirect?
It’s got importance within the search engine optimisation. If you provided numerous URLs for same content then it’s recommended to line up a 301 redirect. it’s helpful after you are moving from one website to a different one. Don’t redirect to the most page, rather than this direct to the actual page only.

Learn to understand about Htaccess 301 redirect Example. it’s always needed to understand about numerous problems related to your website. Then only you’ll come out of crowd.

What is difference between  301 Vs 302 redirect?

What-is-difference-between- What is 301 Redirect?
Use 301 redirect to send old page locations to the new ones. there’s no limit, cap on this you’ll do for several ones.This method is known to be economical method from SEO purpose of read. If your are performing a 301 direct then it’s know that Link Power/Link Juice is passed to the redirect url or Page.

301 redirect  a message to web browsers and search engine bots that a particular page is move permanently to new locations. we are able to say Page A is mirror of Page B.

You need to make sure that your pages are Crawled. always keep your precious hard work safe. it’s advised that before performing a redirect, do research about all the aspects.

It is also called as permanent redirects. For temporary purpose use 302. By this technique we are for good moving from one page location to alternative. try and this method in one try, avoid redirecting from alternative one, it’s better for Googlebot.

Google could stop following redirects if you do to too much. Page rank/Link Juice can work if you are doing within the right manner. it’s informed by Google that one should use server facet redirect. ensure that users are redirected to the proper page. If your are engaged on WordPress Platform. Then it’s should for you to gather info regarding WordPress 301 redirect.

This be helpful after you are migrated to new domain. If you’re merging 2 sites during this case additionally it’s helpful. study Permanent 301 redirect SEO.

How to do a 301 Redirect?

In order to implement you wish to possess access to the .htaccess file if your web site are hosted on the servers. learn the way to setup a 301 Redirect?

When you are migrating from one web site to a different redirect could take time to work. Anchor Text carries through the 301 redirects, Google might not pass them. Google is serious regarding spam don’t go for wrong redirects.

Google additionally treat little URLS using a 301 redirect. remember this important topic in SEO. In blogger you have got choice to this method simply.

In websites domains additionally possibility is available; if you’re using bluehost then you’ll access this feature. read the given screen shot.

If you are using the WordPress platforms various 301 redirect plugins are available. Yoast SEO got option for this purpose.


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