How to Promote Blog Website Post in 2020

How to Promote Blog Website Post in 2020
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How to Promote Blog website Post – Hello friends, everyone in this post today will tell you how to advertise your new blog post. Friends, we live day and night to popularize your blog and think about how your blog should be published.

The dream of every blogger is that maximum traffic will come to his blog and he can become a different identity in the world of internet. Friends, if you want to succeed in blogging, you have to fit one thing in your mind that just publishing a new post on a blog is not enough.

You also need to advertise your new blog post, especially when your blog is completely new. Friends, when someone’s blog is new, no one knows that it is “Mr. R” new blog.

If you are a pro blogger then, something is different but initially when your blog does not get traffic then you should advertise it when you publish your new blog post. As much as necessary.

I am writing this in this post because whenever I want to create a new blog I advertise my new blog and the post published a few months ago helps me a lot in getting traffic in the early days. Is.

But there are a lot of new bloggers who are not aware of this, they are just publishing new posts on their blog, but it is very important to promote your blog, friends and in this post you have to share some good ways. I will read this post in its entirety.

5 Best Ways to Pramote your blog Post in 2020 

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1-  Commenting on the blog

Guys, this is a great way to use it personally and it gives my new blog good traffic in the beginning.

To comment on the blog, you should only comment on the blog related to the topic related to your blog and yes, don’t forget to enter the URL of your blog i.e. website address as it is very important and only this will bring traffic to your blog.

You should publish good valuable comments on other blogs and if people like your comment they will definitely check your blog.

I say this because whenever any reader makes a good comment on my blog, I check their blog once and if I like their blog, I visit their blog regularly.

Making friendly comments is a powerful way of blog language and if you take 10 to 15 minutes every day and post genuine and valuable comments on other,s blog post, it will give your blog a good advertisement.

2-  Guest Blogging

Friends, guest blogging is also a great way to promote your blog. And for that, you just need to post guests on the blog related to your blog corner. This will be of great benefit to you.

First of all, this is a great way to promote a blog and you also get backlinks. Some people give nofollo  backlinks and some people give doflock backlinks.

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If your guest posts are of high quality and valuable that will help the readers of their blog, then those people will definitely come to your blog and subscribe. This will increase the traffic to your blog.

But friends, never do guest blogging on a blog with unrelated topics from your blog, it will not benefit you and you may even be penalized.

I say this because I have seen a lot of bloggers who just post guests on any blog to get backlinks which is of no use to them. Friends, you should not do this and just posting a guest on a blog related to your blog topic will benefit you 100%.

3-  Social Media Sites

Friends, nowadays everyone uses Facebook and Twitter every day, so you should use these social media sites to advertise your blog posts. You create a fan page for your blog on Facebook and share your new blog posts there regularly.

In the same way you can create your account on Twitter and Google Plus and advertise your new blog post on it, this will definitely increase your traffic. Friends, and you should not think only of promoting your blog.

You should try to increase your fan following on these social media sites, the more followers you have, the more traffic you will get and your blog will become a brand.

This is a great way to brand a blog because Google values ​​the brand a lot these days, so you should use social media sites regularly.

4-  Social Bookmarks

Friends, this is also a great way, you should share the link of your new blog post on a high quality social bookmarking site. Here are some sites that are very popular like Digg, Reddit, Folkard and Diego.

All of these sites are high quality social bookmarking sites, on which you should advertise your new blog post, you will benefit greatly from it.

On all these sites you can create your account for free and then advertise your blog but here you have to be a little bit careful you have to share your blog post with others too, it will be natural otherwise these site controllers can also close your account This happens only if the platform is used to your advantage.

5-YouTube channels

Friends, since Jio came to India, a lot of people nowadays spend time on YouTube. YouTube is a very popular video sharing site that has become the number one site in the world.

If you also want to advertise your blog for free you should create your own channel on YouTube, it will benefit you 100% and you will also get a lot of traffic. Friends, this is also a great way to brand your blog.

You can create a free channel on YouTube and all you need is a Gmail ID to create it, which is available to everyone these days. You should create videos related to your topic and share them on YouTube and leave your blog url in the video description.

Friends, this is the easiest way to increase your blog members and increase traffic.

You and friends

So friends, how to advertise your blog post, if you follow all the methods mentioned above, you will get good results. Friends, if you have any doubts, you can ask me your questions through comments and I will help you completely.

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