SEO Tips for Better Google Ranking

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Top 10 SEO Tips for higher google Ranking

SEO-Tips-for-Better-Google-Ranking- SEO Tips for Better Google RankingSEO is still the foremost reliable source of generating traffic for the web site. in keeping with the industry reports sixty – 70th of the traffic is generated via search engines. during this article, i will be able to share high skilled SEO tips which can guarantee your web site rank higher in search results.

Tips 1 : Long Tail Keywords

Many SEO professionals area unit dependent on the ranking for Long tail keywords. The motive behind this can be Search Volume. however the purpose they ignore is high volume keywords has very high competition that decreases chances of the ranking.

My approach is to search out the long tail data and transactional queries related to client business and rank quickly for those keywords.

Example: If my Customer is event organizer.

Tips 2 : Custom Titles with semantic Keywords

Title of the page is an essential part of on-page SEO. Use correct keywords while not over-optimization. Also, finish the title with your business name for branding

Example: Best Event Organizers – Corporate Themes styles  in Low Cost 

Tips 3 : semantic Keywords Targetting

Most of the content writers only focus on specific keywords to increase keyword density and frequency. the higher approach is to use semantically relevant keywords for increasing ranking for multiple keywords relevant to the subject.

Example: Subject is Event  Organisers then you’ll use keywords like decorations, decorating, themes, planners, child, kids, 1st birthday, corporate event celebration, organizing, organizers etc. to focus on a wider audience.

Tips 4 : engaging web site Content

Content is that the key component for SEO ranking. never over optimize the content using keywords. Your content should be easy, meaningful, engaging and additionally includes the target keywords for the page. Take a glance at the content written by Amazon for Shoe page. (Amazon Content Example)

Tips 5 : Custom Meta Description with correct call to Action

The meta description is that the element visible to users in search results. thus this element should be relevant with keywords and show encourage the user action. Don’t use a similar pattern for all pages, instead use a custom pattern and keywords based on subject.

Tips 6 : Increase the Speed of web site

Many users leave a web site due to slow loading. this may cause higher bounce rate, this may have an effect on SEO factors indirectly. it’s suggested to continually build the web site lightweight and quick. As per Google Mobile Update, faster websites rank higher in mobile search results.

To improve the web site speed the following things should be considered:

  • Use quick hosting service supplier
  • Optimize the images on the location
  • Delete unused plugins in WordPress
  • Use W3Total Cache plugin to boost performance
  • Avoid using third party integration plugins like Facebook Likebox, Twitter Feed etc.

Tips 7 : Integrate YouTube Videos

As per analysis reports, most of the web site users pay 10-30 seconds on the web site. thus in short span, we’ve to get the user enthusiasm to remain on the web site. If your web site provides all the knowledge the user needs this may facilitate with higher user expertise. The chance of conversion can increase if a user spends longer on the web site.

Tips 8 : Sharing Links on Social Media Platforms

Many SEO professionals ignore social media whereas implementing SEO strategy. Add Social sharing choices on web site thus users will share your content on social media. this may facilitate in generating social media links and increase the reach of the article.

Tips 9 : Generate Quality Backlinks only

One of the common mistakes created by SEO professionals is generating low-quality links to increase the ranking. however the matter with this approach is your web site could also be penalised thanks to low-quality links. thus try and produce quality links from Guest web log, announcement, Resource sharing etc. Please refer this article to find out quality link building methods.

Tips 10: rich Snippets

Use made snippets to boost the search results. Review snippets, mixture ratings, video, events snippets can assist you improve the CTR of the web site via search engines.

As per my expertise, I actually have shared the highest 10 SEO tips to boost your web site in search engine. Please share your favorite tips in comments.

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